Cycle Tours France

Mummu Cycling offer a variety of unique cycle tours in France suitable for every lover or fan of cycling. As an official Tour de France Tour operator, all cycling tours in France are primarily based around the three week Grand Tour. The Tour de France is the pinnacle of cycling and the ultimate for any professional athlete to compete in, and likewise for fan’s to spectate and experience. Established as early as 1903, the race has grown to become a real global sporting phenomenon  and each year continues to attract the very best cyclists in the world, providing the most entertaining bike racing there is for millions of cycling-mad spectators.

Mummu Cycling have been providing top of the line cycle tours in France since 2010 and have elevated since inception to now offer a wide range of tours from single day, up to two weeks in duration. Each tour provides a unique experience, whether it be riding big kilometre’s daily, conquering bucket list Tour de France climbs, or truly feeling part of the race, atmosphere and inner sanctum; riding on stage routes via closed roads and cheering from the best hospitality zones there are. Alternatively, there are also fantastic non-ride options that allow guests to 100% embrace the incredible Tour de France surroundings and kick back daily in the best VIP areas, champagne in hand – French canapé to pair!

In 2019, Mummu Cycling will be running nine different cycle tours in France. The race will no doubt spectacularly depart from the cycling-enthusiastic Belgium and the capital of Brussels in celebration of cycling legend, Eddy Merckx. 2019 marks the 50th year since his first Tour victory in 1969, so what better way to honour his incredible success. The Tour de France will follow tradition and hit the mountains following what is predicted to be a sprint-dominated week, venturing through to the Pyrenean and French Alps regions and conquering many-a climb iconic to the race. Ultimately, the victor and strongest rider standing from what will inevitably be a three week gruelling battle, will ride down the world-famous Champs-Elysées – arms held high as masses of crowds join and celebrate the success and conclusion of the world’s best bike race.

Mummu Cycling will be there the whole way through operating unforgettable cycle tours in France and striving to deliver the best experience possible!

Cycle Tours France

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