Touring in Europe

Your first tour in Europe is usually a daunting one – although you might have ridden long distances across Australia, Europe represents an entirely different beast. Climate, geography and landscape are very different to what is experienced in Australia, and expectations should be adjusted accordingly. Each country represents a different journey that can be tackled, making Europe a very exciting place to tackle a tour, wherever you may be riding.

If you’re not planning on attending one of the big cycling tours across Europe, such as the Giro Italia or a leg of the Tour de France, finding your way around European roads can be an interesting experience in itself, as small, winding roads replace the straight wide roads of Australia.

Considering the weather

Choosing the right time to begin your Europe tour is not as easy as it sounds. Summer months might be appealing initially, although they’re not necessarily the best time to cycle, as these summer months are popular with tourists clogging up valuable road space! These months can also be very hot, making touring that much harder. It’s therefore a good idea to choose spring and autumn months, but even this is entirely dependent on where in Europe you’re planning to travel in Europe – the climates can be quite different depending on whether you’re choosing between going to the southern tip of Spain and the north of France.

Considering the landscape

If you’re wanting to tour during the peak months, choosing less popular bike routes can be highly valuable. Areas like the Rhine in Germany and country Ireland have beautiful bike routes that won’t be clogged up with fellow cyclists competing for space.

We’d also recommend that you either have at least a map, or if possible make sure your phone is equipped with a GPS.

Take the plunge – tour in Europe today!

If you’ve been considering going to Europe for a cycling tour, but just aren’t sure about how to tackle the big adventure, the team at Mummu are here to give you a hand. Our range of cycling tours can take you all over Europe, including Italy, France and Spain, meaning you can enjoy your favourite cuisine as well as some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

If you’re looking to take the plunge, get in touch today – we can walk you through the best possible option for you.

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