The 2018 Etape du Tour

The 2018 Etape du Tour marks the return of one of our favourite annual tours. Etape du Tour is comprised of the stage 10 route of the Tour de France, and is made up of the beautiful Col de la Croix-Fry, Plateau des Glières, Col de Romme and Col de la Colombière. In this blog, Mummu Cycling demonstrate why we think the Etape du Tour is so exciting!

Experience the stunning alps

The town of Annecy is located in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region, and is close proximity to both the borders of Italy and Switzerland. Being in such a unique position affords this gorgeous region some very unique sights, and sees tourists flock to witness its beauty year-round.

Lake Annecy, a lake bordered by rocky cliffs is certainly one of the most stunning bodies of water in the region. Its water is also the cleanest – environmental regulations introduced in the 1960s have ensured that it remains Europe’s cleanest lake. Towns and villages near the lake are also home to medieval villages hundreds of years old, making the sights truly spectacular.

Not just an occasion for the sights

Vin Chaud, or mulled wine, is a local favourite in Lake Annecy but might not be suited to the warmer night during July. Instead, the Savoie Alpine vineyard might be better suited to your first night around Lake Annecy. Boasting 25 grape varieties, the Savoie vineyard is home to several wine cellars that offer some fantastic wines – renowned for their whites, but boasting excellent reds too – with a few that you can sample during our first dinner in the Lake Annecy area.

The cuisine of the Haute-Savoie region in which the Etape du Tour takes place in is for the most part known for cheese and potato dishes. Made in winter and stored during long winter months, these dishes are made to satisfy. Tartiflette and fondue are two perfect examples of Haute-Savoie cuisine – tartiflette is a comforting dish comprised of potato, reblochon cheese, lardons and onion, while fondue should need no explanation!
Experience the wonder of Etape du Tour today

If the idea of witnessing some of the most picturesque sights in Europe is appealing to you, we recommend getting in touch with the team at Mummu as quickly as possible. The 2018 Etape du Tour is currently sold out, but because of our official Tour de France Operator status, Mummu Cycling have a limited number of exclusive bibs for the tour available. To find out more about the tour or registration, contact us today.

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